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Discover and Assess

Clarifying your goals is the most important part of our planning process. If you’ve never been asked the right questions, how do you know you have the right answers? In our first meeting, we begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current finances: assets, liabilities, retirement plans, tax strategies, employer benefits, insurances, and estate planning. In this step, we also identify and help you to prioritize your future needs and goals so we can begin to design the strategies to meet those aspirations.

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Evaluate Options

Managing finances for many physicians can be an uphill battle. You spend years in training learning the skills that will provide you with a comfortable income, and little or no guidance on how to manage your income and finances in a way to reach YOUR specific financial goals. Our goal in this step of the process is to empower our clients to make educated decisions on their own financial futures by educating and guiding them on the financial topics relevant to their financial situation. One of the biggest complaints we hear about other advisors in the industry is that they just “tell us what to do, but never explain why”. This step allows us to establish a true advisory relationship with our clients based on credibility and mutual understanding, rather than one that is transactional in nature.

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Recommend and Implement

Following the path determined by your goals, in this step we develop a list of recommendations and advice for each area of your finances, including retirement planning, debt management, wealth accumulation, asset protection, education savings, disability and life insurance, emergency reserve, and employer benefits. We then work together to implement and manage these strategies. We will also work with your tax, legal, and real estate professionals to make sure the strategies you are implementing in those areas of your planning are in line with your financial goals. In all areas of your financial planning, the goal is to be as comprehensive, proactive, and cost effective as possible.

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Manage Change

The professionals at Westmark Wealth Management are well aware that one of life’s only guarantees is change. Whether it’s a new job, addition to the family, or home purchase, the strategies we implement are designed with the utmost flexibility to accommodate all of life’s changes. In order to make sure the strategies we implement will continue to achieve your goals, it is important to meet and communicate on an ongoing basis to monitor progress and get an update on any financial changes so we can adjust your goals and financial strategies accordingly. In addition, we give you the tools and technology to monitor your progress and provide real time updates on all your accounts.